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It is hard to be an entrepreneur, but it gets easier with a community - a culture - of sharing and support. That's why we are here.
We inform, educate, and facilitate collaboration with an ethical, moral, and legal framework that is designed for startup companies. As a member of the Ethical Collaboration community, not only will you be better informed and educated about how to collaborate, you will protect your business and the businesses that you help.

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For Individuals

Become part of the Ethical Collaboration Community by signing the FREE Ethical Collaboration Mentorship Agreement.

It says that you will be a Good Neighbor to your colleagues in the community, and that you pledge to give and receive help in an ethical, forthright way.

You CHOOSE when you share.  You choose when you share your intellectual property, and you choose when you help someone.

Your membership is FREE and with no obligation.

For Startups and Service Providers

For startups, a certified member has access to the Ethical NDA, an automated, electronic NDA solution.

For service providers, a certified member has access to the Certified Member Group, as well as the right to advertise being part of the community.

For Organizations (Coworking Spaces, Makerspaces, Accelerators, Meetups, etc.)

Organizations can implement Ethical Collaboration across their membership, which can enhance the collaboration among members.  The Ethical Collaboration Agreement protects the organization from liability, but also protects the members from problems that may occur with other members.

Your members will appreciate your commitment to ethics and providing a safe, collaborative environment,  Certified coworking spaces, for example, have a much higher member satisfaction and comfort knowing that IP matters are well handled in your organization.