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Do you believe that collaboration makes us stronger?
Is a thriving startup ecosystem important to you?
Does helping fellow entrepreneurs matter to you?

Individuals (Entrepreneurs, Inventors, Mentors, Coworkers, etc.)

Become part of the Ethical Collaboration Community by signing the Ethical Collaboration Mentorship Agreement.

It says you will be a Good Neighbor to your colleagues in the community, and that you pledge to give and receive help in an ethical, forthright way.

You CHOOSE when you share. You choose when to share your intellectual property, you choose when you help someone.

Your membership is free with no obligation.

Organizations (Coworking Spaces, Accelerators, Makerspaces, etc.)

Organizations can implement Ethical Collaboration within their membership. It sets the standards of etiquette, professionalism, and mutual respect across your group.

Group Certification means that your organization is a trusted community of collaborators. We welcome new members who are committed to Collaborating with Confidence.

Certified groups – such as coworking spaces – differentiate themselves over competitors as places to attract entrepreneurs.

Service Providers (Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Contract Professionals, etc.)

Service providers use the Ethical Collaboration Certification as a badge of trust to their current and potential clients.

Certification means “I am a trusted member of the community, and I pledge to collaborate with you ethically.”

The Certification process is an intensive training in intellectual property, ethics, and business, and it allows you to stand out from the crowd.

Certified Ethical Collaborators can use their Ethical Collaboration branding in their LinkedIn profiles, business cards, websites, and other marketing collateral.