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Perspective on Trade Secret Values

Getting a Good Perspective On The Value Of Trade Secrets For entrepreneurs, it is often very hard to get a solid, balanced perspective on their trade secrets. Part of the problem for the entrepreneur is that they often do not have an experience base to make good judgments about value.  It takes a lot of…

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Trade Secrets have a Time Value

Trade Secrets Can Have A Time Value In many cases, trade secrets have value because of time. If you are planning on launching a product, your trade secrets will eventually get into the open, but they have more value during the planning phase. All products should address a weakness in the market.  Your product or…

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Outward Facing and Inward Facing Intellectual Property

Outward-Facing and Inward-Facing Intellectual Property and Protection Intellectual property has several stages or levels that it may go through. At the core of all intellectual property is a trade secret.  A trade secret is completely owned and completely controlled by the creator.  If creators keeps ideas to themselves, they have complete and total ownership and…

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