Use the Ethical NDA with your Interview Candidates

The Ethical NDA is a great tool for interview candidates.  Click here to learn more about the Ethical NDA.

As you are interviewing, you want to see how much the candidate can contribute to your company.  You want to judge their technical and business strengths – and you want to judge their creativity.

The Ethical NDA is the perfect tool for making sure that your conversations with a candidate are properly protected.

In many cases, a job interview will involve talking about sensitive subjects, such as the company’s future products and how the company might be changing.  As the interview progresses, you would like to hear the candidate’s ideas on how they can participate in realizing the company’s vision.

Two important things are happening during this discussion.  One is that the company is likely to be telling the candidate some information that is not public knowledge.  The second is that the candidate will be sharing some of their insights and ideas with the company.

The Ethical NDA deals with both of these situations.

The first situation – where the company is divulging confidential information  – is covered by a Non Disclosure Agreement.  Remember that the NDA is really a show of your confidence and willingness to trust the candidate.  The company should be careful about opening the full komona to the candidate.  When they sign on as an employee, they will sign a different agreement with the company and there will be a higher standard of non-disclosure.  Until they sign the employee agreement, they are still outsiders, and the company should be judicious on what they share.

The second situation – where the candidate may be coming up with helpful suggestions – is covered by an IP transfer provision.  This provision means that the candidate agrees to transfer ownership of any original ideas that they conceive as part of their interview process.  The candidate is not under any obligation to share their ideas, but if they do, the company should not be held hostage if the ideas are really good ones.

The Ethical NDA starts the employee/employer relationship on the best foot.  We want employees and employers who value everybody’s input and values collaboration.  What better way to start the conversation than with the Ethical NDA?