BlueIron Ethical NDA

Welcome to the Ethical NDA!

You have been asked to execute an NDA, but not the standard, one-sided NDA that most people use.

This is the Ethical NDA.

The Ethical NDA includes three main parts:

  • Respect for our own and each other’s intellectual property.
  • That when we choose to share ideas and suggestions, we actually give those ideas to the other person.
  • If there are any issues, we agree to use mediation and arbitration – not the court system – to settle our differences.

The Ethical NDA is the agreement used by BlueIron for due diligence on all patent financing investigations.  The Ethical NDA allows BlueIron to give you suggestions for your business – suggestions that we want you to take to heart and use.

A core value of BlueIron is that ideas are important, but execution is what really matters.  BlueIron NEEDS you to be successful, and the Ethical NDA is one way we help that happen.

1.  Fill out this form.

2.  Hit submit.

3.  You will receive a confirmation email to verify your email address.

4.  After acknowledging the confirmation email, you will receive another email from DocuSign with the “Ethical NDA”.

If you want to read and review the agreement beforehand, you can download it here.  Please feel free to send it to your attorneys before you fill out the form.