Ethical Collaboration Certification For Individuals

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The Ethical Collaboration Certification shows that you are a trusted member of the entrepreneur community.

Advisors, mentors, service providers, and countless others are Certified Ethical Collaboration Members.

You will need to complete the FREE Ethical Collaboration Certification course and sign the Ethical Collaboration Community Agreement.  If you have done so already, you just need to complete this transaction.  If you have not done so, you can take the course and sign the agreement at your own pace.

You will get a subscription to the Ethical NDA, an automated NDA system based on the Ethical Collaboration Agreement.  This is a fully automated NDA system that uses DocuSign to quickly get a legally binding NDA in place with you and someone else.  The Ethical NDA is unique in that it includes all three elements of the Ethical Collaboration Agreement:

  1. Respect for intellectual property.
  2. IP transfer agreement for help or assistance given by either party.
  3. Dispute resolution using mediation and arbitration.

When you have completed the course and signed the agreement, you will receive a link to download your credentials, and you will receive a welcome package in the mail.

We welcome you as a trusted and Certified Ethical Collaboration member!


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