Ethical NDA

$99.00 for 1 year

The Ethical NDA is an automated NDA based on the Ethical Collaboration Agreement.

You use the Ethical NDA by sending a link to a second party (a supplier, for example), who will fill out the web-based form, then both of you will receive a DocuSign email where you will sign and return the Ethical NDA.  You will receive an email with the signed agreement.



The Ethical NDA is a fully automated Non-Disclosure Agreement that is based on the Ethical Collaboration Agreement.

You get a link that you will send to each person with whom you want to have an NDA.  They will fill out a form on EthicalCollaboration.Org, and both of you will receive an email from DocuSign with the Ethical NDA.  Both of you will sign the Ethical NDA and receive an email with the signed PDF.

The Ethical NDA is an agreement administered by the Ethical Collaboration Association.  This means that any problems between you and the other party will be administered through mediation and arbitration, and that the Ethical Collaboration Association will handle the logistics of the dispute.

You will not be going to court to enforce the agreement – we will arrange mediation or arbitration if there are any problems.

This NDA is suitable for most business purposes, but if you have specific needs, please have your attorney review the agreement.  If your attorney has objections or wants to add or remove provisions, we are happy to create a special version of the agreement for your purposes.

The Ethical NDA is available as a stand-alone subscription or as a benefit to being a Certified Ethical Collaboration Member.



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