Can I Lose Any Rights Under The Ethical Collaboration Community Agreement?

No.  Under the Ethical Collaboration Community Agreement, you are not obligated to share anything with anybody, and nobody is getting any rights to your intellectual property.  That is, unless you *choose* to share your ideas.

Nobody is required to do anything under the Agreement.

If you have a competitor at a mastermind meeting, for example, and both of you have signed the Agreement, should you be sharing information?  Probably not.  You might be willing to talk about generic problems and solutions, but you may wisely choose not to share anything that might be proprietary or competitive.

Why can’t you trust the other person?  That really isn’t the issue.  They might be perfectly trustworthy, but once they are exposed to your competitive information, that cannot be undone.

When you go through the Ethical Collaboration Certification course (which is free), you will be more aware of what you should protect and what might not be that important.  The point of the course is to make you aware of the tradeoffs of disclosing your information, so that you will be a better entrepreneur.